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The Saint+Stone Story

I love to offer women stylish Christian jewelry that is meaningful.

Saint + Stone was conceived during my own personal search for Christian jewelry that’s high in quality and fashionable by today’s standards.  Everything I found just seemed too outdated or lacked in quality.

This can’t be right, I wondered? Does that kind of jewelry not exist? So I made it my business to find out.

I discovered some truly remarkable Christian-jewelry makers.

This search is an on ongoing process that involves a great, great deal of exploring. Eventually, though, I began to identify a number of exceptional artists who handcraft distinctive, Christian-themed jewelry.

Each of them meets my criteria for using high-quality materials and for creating unique, original designs that range from the subtle to the spectacular.

I'm continually struck by their passion for their art and by the strong desire to make their work as affordable as possible. That's why their prices reflect the high quality of the materials–the precious stones and metals–and not the considerable markups that the jewelry business is notorious for. 

Why Christian jewelry?

My own family background is strongly Catholic (I'm originally from Portugal) and I attended Catholic school for 10 years so I believe I have a very good feel for what the Christian woman is drawn to and values.

My mission with Saint + Stone is to inspire and ignite faith through carefully curated, modern jewelry. I believe that jewelry can be much more than an accessory. It can be a tool you carry with you and can serve as a source of inspiration for others.

Please get in touch.

I love hearing from Saint + Stone customers so feel free to contact me directly, either by email monica@saintandstone.com or by phone: 646-979-0627. Look forward to hearing from you!

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